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"The bigger one lie is… the more it has chances to be believed! "

"Lie, lie, lie, still and always, there will well remain something about it! "

"I want only light films to be shot currently for the French people they have to be superficial, distracting, but stupid…

… The French people will surely be satisfied !"

These lines are from  Joseph Goebbels , graduated in philosophy and psychology, and head of Nazi propaganda during World War II. Far from me the idea to make an apology of Nazism: this site  has been created  to show as these sad words remain current, guiding daily the policy of our controlling and constituting  the liberal media " deontology".

This  website  has been  created in order to denounce the capitalist companies and its being useful.  The purpose of it is to denounce propaganda in the medias and the falsification of the history concerning the socialist states, mainly Stalin's USSR. The purpose of it is to fight trotskism and reformism in the communist movement. 

"Without fighting revisionism, one cannot fight imperialism". (Lenin) 

This site is an anti-revisionist page which speaks about Karl Marx', Friedrich Engels', Vladimir Lenin's and Joseph Stalin's works. It has a high appreciation of the work undertaken by Enver Hoxha and the Albanian Labour  Party . This site is opposed to Tito's revisionnism, Khrushchev, the European Communists and Mao Zedong.

This website also gives some elements to build a socialist culture.

On this website, you will be able to find music and links in your mother tongue as well as image galleries.

We also advise you the reading of our first text translated into English :

On the "freedom of the press" at the « class warfare » front...

And against today's lies, see the best US film ever made on Soviet Union : Why we fight - The battle of Russia (1943)

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